[poll] Which super hero is better

Who is the better Super Hero. And who is the better villian. You decide. let us know. and if you dont vote, too bad for you :p
wot about robo cop ,wait is he even classed as one i sence a new poll comming on :p


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Superman is the worst character ever, he has heat vision, super speed, he can fly, hes super stong, andx-ray vision. And he can only be destroyed by one thing.

The best super hero ever is batman (this we all no)
Best superheroes: Batman, Wolverine, Green lantern.

Best Villians: Clayface, Scrarecrow, Joker, Vemon, juggernaut, and The Rhino (who doesnt love a giant man in a rhino suit?)


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the thing i dont like about the flash is that superman is just as fast as him, therefore the flash is just a really really really shittier version of superman. Superman still gay.


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ok not to be a nerd, but Batman doesnt even count as a SUPER HERO! he has no powers. if i had that big of a check book i would be just as good of a crime fighter as batman..

Lex luthor is not a super hero, if anything hes a super villan.Same with joker....


superman takes the cake here. he would kill all 3 of those guys if it werent for his moral values...

green lantern is sweet, i have to agree
Um... which one does Curious George?


No, seriously.


I haven't read comics in years (well, the regular ones), but my sentimental favorite was Dr. Strange. I loved Strange Tales and Sgt. Rock, and all that, though. I suppose once I started reading Heavy Metal Magazine in junior high that I stopped with the others.

Now, I mostly read just labels and stop signs.


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