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Man, I am sophmore and I cant stress enough about going to College. I wanna go to University of TX Austin, but hard work! =(! Anyone stressed about GPAs, SATs and such? ?!
In reality the GPA doesnt really matter. Most schools base acceptance on how you do on your SAT/ACT. Atleast that how it was for me
its weird cuz at my school they say sophomore year (as in 10th grade not college) is the hardest, but so far it has been the easiest. i went up from a 3.1 to a 3.8 :D
well im a big moron so i think mine is like a 2.4 or something really bad. You guys make me feel bad w/ ur good grades.
I dont remember my GPA but i know my GPA now in college is higher then what i had back in high school which is 3.7
yeah mine was out of a 4.0 = 100%. God I hated all that crap in high school, people make you sweat out college, etc. way too much. (Not that Im not a fan of school, it just I think as a society, we're a little too fixated on college and higher education, many people either don't belong or don't want to go to college)
i only had a 2.75 gpa out of highschool and still got into the engineering program at Northern Illinois University :) just keep up the good work!

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