If a Third Server were Started...

Conisidering the popularity of the eGO servers during primetime, I thought about the implications of a third server. What would be the best map? Would there be some thought put into the new CoF plugin by Red Comet? One map or rotation?

I personally like the idea of the plugin, but chiefly for the centrally-distributed shot pattern above all else. For a map, most people seem not to care much for either rotations or some regular maps like Colmar. I don't mind Jagd too much, but it's very difficult to get an even match with it. I realize that the Axis generally dominate Avalanche and it does well, but I think there's more that recommends itself to Avalanche than what does Jagd. Kalts okay, but I think it doesn't have universal appeal.

Personally? I like both Flash and Argentan. True: Axis generally have a big advantage wtih the former, but it does remain fun as a challenge. I suppose, taking evenness into perspective that Argentan is the more equal map.

Rotation? I don't think that would go over well. There are a certain portion of players that prefer rotation servers because they want the whole experience, or they're much more casual gamers, or some other such thing. I believe the map-dedicated ones prosper because the dedicated gamer gets into Steam because they want to play (duh, I know), but then have a certain map they want to play on in particular. Getting into a server wtih the map you want and then having it switch 30 seconds later can be irritating. Suddenly you're playing a map you don't particularly care for. Dedicated works for me.

So; If there by chance would be a third server... would there be interest in a particular map?
I agree that rotations are hard to keep filled.

I am interested in the Charlie copy, its a custom map called Strand (I think).

Flash and Argentan would also interest me personally. But not Flash if it is going to be a 32 player server. Map is too narrow.

But we would have to raise the funds for the third map.

A 10 dollar a year donation from all of our clanmates would pay for a 32 player server for the year.
We tried out a server that has RedComet's CoF plugin earlier and we are not sure of it.

It really didn't seem to make much difference.
I doubt it. Its not that hard to come up with $10 for the wole year. I would consider kalt too. Its a pretty good map for a 32 man
my question is how do we give u the $10. I know mailing is an option but giving out your adress personally is kinda not good.

The third server should be a populated map. Like something that a lot of people enjoy. We could have a vote for it....
Its your money, your descision. What is the average wait time to get on the servers? Maybe bump up the number of players to 40 instead of opening another server....
yeah well i don't know about bumping the number of players on ava but donner would be funner with more people and more snipers and rockets :)
I agree with Dom, that would be nice to have another server running but prices, idk. I would be thinking PayPal. But before we do anything (not that it is my decision to do so) we need some time to think about it. i would love to have another server.

Argentan would be a fun map to play.
you would have to prise my 5 pounds out of my cold dead hands !!!!!

lol jkjkjk i would be more than happy to contribute aslong as the clan changes its name to bane is king!!!!! :p no seriousky u can count on my ££££££
One other thing to think about besides prices is our base size.

Right now there is a slight wait to get into our servers (which I consider perfect). If we get a 3rd server we are dividing our traffic from 2 servers to 3. We will also be dividing our admins between 3 servers and people who really like to play with each other will be forced to clump to a server... etc... etc...

I think we're at a size right now where 2 servers is really good.

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