[poll] Carbine (Rocket Sub-weapon)


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Doesn any1 think the carbine has the best non-acc gun in the game. I asked some of you guys on the donner server, but i want every'1 opinion.

My opinion is that the carbine is the best gun (sub) in the game. If only snipers can carry them.
I like it because it's very accurate and is good for sniping, it's also really good for close combat, but not as good as the Wermacht auto-pistol.
To bad it cant be a main weapon, like it can be on DoD
yeah, i wish you could use that as main weapon too... i pwn with that gun on DoD classic
The only problem with it being a main weapon is that if it was, Valve would probably give the rocket-man a plain old pistol, which would suck (just like in DoD).

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