Sons of Liberty


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You wont be seeing Sons of Liberty with the =(e)= tag on anymore, if you pardon the pun..i took the liberty of asking him to remove the "e" tag from his name. I have did this because of many reasons as to which he acts. Not representing eGO well at all, and being an overall punk. Just thought i would let you know. ;)



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thanks for the info:)


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I thought it would be a good idea to put it here so the rest of the =(e)= can see it. That way they know that we just dont look over things and dont take change and command when needed to


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good idea DyeMatrix


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Good move, Dyematrix. If one has an e, eGO or eGG, they are ALL removable if one doesn't adhere to the spirit of the clan.
as egos political adviser it must be for the greater good !!!!


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lol bane. But all you =(e)= guys really need to understand is that just because you are wearing the e tag, doesnt mean you are in the clan. you are a recruit and we evaluate you and decide wheather you are worthy of the eG tag...