ok as u can guess one of our members was banned 2day because he was hacking. i am posting this thread because the though of any other clan member hacking brings a tear to my eye .

hacking is no good so don't do it

if ur score means more to u than ur friends u are probably in the wrong community

ego in my opinion is all about the friendships i have made over the past 6 months or so , and i would never put my score before my friends

remember in dod there is a person behind every American/axis so respect them !!

thank you for taking the time to read this ,it has upset me dearly that that one of the members was hacking
well bane i think you drove the nail right into thw wood with that statement. hacking takes away form the asspect of the game, the game is about making friends and working on your reflexes to make you a better person in the game and in reall life :) . hacking in the game world is like fruad(think i spelled that right?) in real life, your are being fake to yourself adn the others around you and thats not what its about. many of you know or have seen someone hacking( i dont hack), if u see one tell an eGO and they will check them out and if so make a demom and send it in. sorry to see you go shadow under this way !sad friends always hugo maximus,(alex)
yea how did you get that video? just curious you dont have to answer. I do think hacking is probably the dumbest thing you can do and do not get why anyone would do it... i agree 100% with you and that is the big reason i love this server.
The thing is they will get caught. Maybe not the first time or the second, but they will. Either VAC will update, steambans will get them, or we will.
How did you record the hacking program too? I mean, your not suppose to see all that when you record the demo from other players views....unless he record him self and gave it to you...how did you record the hacks?
Guys the how is not important. The fact that it happened is. sigh. I would like to put this behind us and go on. As this is a pub clan there is no need for anyone to resort to downloaded skills. If score or stats is that important then that person needs to move on.

So lets get in the servers and shoot someone. :)
I do NOT want it posted how exactly they found the hack. I don't want it known because then people will find ways around it. I'm glad they can. I hope they continue to keep an eye out and do some random monitoring. It's only a witch hunt if the accusations turn out false. If there's a good way to find proof, burn em down. I have no patience at all for hackers; they just piss me off. It was one of the reasons I moved on to DoD so quickly from CS. I just wish there were a good way of quickly catching all the dorks that do it. I like a good, clean game.
i agree with Samurai we know it happened.... we are all (well most of us) are sad but we have to just play the game and have fun :)
It is a shame it came down to this, but whats done is done. Sad to hear that it happened but its best to just forget about it
that's bogus...Efren is right though...i don't like hackers...because i don't know where to get their hacks. lol