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Sorry if misspelled that. So far this clan seems like a really fun laid back clan that enjoys its time, has well respected players and admins. Right so far?
Question, not that this was a basis for me even applying but do you guys just every scrim with anyone else? I really dont mean league because starting that, you get more serious players and some times that makes people leave clans like what ego is now.
But do you ever go on say IRC or whatnot and just for fun scrimmage other clans? Just curious.
Going on 'trips' is another reason I like this clan... because it's not scrimming. There's not an elite 6 gamers that meet up with another 6 elites (well, maybe there is and I don't know about it), but I like the notion of trips better anyway. It makes inclusion in the clan seem more like a group of friends than something less personal.

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