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This is regarding towards DOD and not the clan

I was wondering if and when the next DOD map update is and what kind of maps there will be. Since we have DM's and PTB maps already (plant the bomb), i was wondering what else is there.

Maybe we can have a capture the flag like map, or even vehicles you can ride on. Maybe more additions of weapons or new kinds of moves like strafing.
I think they were trying to put in some vehicle thing because of the hidden sounds (e.g. 'Tiger Ahead!', etc) but they haven't really said anything about it.
I feel that they need to update a few things. The biggest problem about DOD that doesnt make sense to me is why the rifleman doesnt have a pistol.
PickItUp has said that changes will be made to the game, but not before their work with TF2 is completed. This looks to be at least 6 months hence, and perhaps as much as a year out.
I believe that the next map is one like DustBowl for TFC.

For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, its a multi tier game, where you defend a spot, attackers take and then they attack another base, like 3 of them total, inculding game winning base.

I got some inside info so shush ;p