Moe's Leaving


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Hi guys i just want to tell u guys its been fun being in this clan, but i have to leave the clan because it is getting in the way of my real life. Other than doing homework or other importandt things I've been on your servers playing and hoping for the word of a promotion. You guys are all really good people and I couldn't imagine finding a better layed out server with the kind of people you guys have on here. I will still be coming on the servers but not as frequent as before.

Thanks for being my friends and letting me join your great clan,
LOL, ya, life tends to get in the way once in a while. I stopped for a couple of years and just came back a few months ago.

You'll always be welcome on the server.
Moe Plz dont go!!!!! Well if you have too you are welcome back at anytime but i'll miss you
If you're going to go, there's very little I can say to make you stay. However, do visit the server every now and again, you really are one of the guys that I like playing with. See you around.
As I have said many times "Life must come first"! Having said that you are always welcome on the server and wear that tag! :) You never know what might happen. Remember we look for people that play on the server and post in the forums.
dude moe, i'll have no one to mess around with when im on the server! haha. im im the same boat as you.. im always playing or thinking about playing dod all day. once you get your priorities set back up, dont forget about us.. you're always welcome in the server! see you around moe. take care!
man moe who will i tagteam mg w/. lol 300 well dude i cant make u stay but i will say that i hope to see u once in a while on the servers.
Damm moe sorry to see you go but i suppose you have your reasons.

I've not been here much either due to personnal problems and other crappy stuff going on in my life right now.
ehh. with all things considered, i GUESS life should come first. haha i'll miss ya moe. drop by anytime. the school of gary is always enrolling :) jaypee.
welp it seems that life has been slow so far so ive been on just as long as i was on before, sry to guys im really bad at making decisions becuz i second guess myself all the time i thought it was the right thing to do but soon afterward i realized it was a huge mistake.
I don think he can leave, everyday so far from the exact same times everyday like he use to, he is in the server....sooo like, whats it going to be?