League of Legends Usernames!


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My name in league is TriniSnipz i main Ahri and Master yi Mostly Ahri tho.
I play mid or bot never top :D


let's pretend we're happy now ◔̯◔
NA: Ride My Wave (main)
NA: b?cky (smurf)

i might play a lot of nami
cause she's bae
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Mine is marmelady. I play support line mostly. English-speaking community is my favorite in League of Legends. Really. I have friends from different communities and by their stories players in their countries are dumb or aggressive. Especially in Russia where kids ruin every match. By the way, my friend from Russia lost his acc one year ago. Some "nice" people hacked his acc. He is a great top player, so it was such a pity he couldn't play with us for a few weeks. He didn't want to make a new acc, so he bought one from lolfinity.com. After then, Smurf could finally play with us. So yeah, you guys are my favorite community.
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