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For those who would like to donate, Edgegamers now has a PayPal account . Our account is edgegamers @ (remove spaces).

Funds will be used at the discretion of the Council. The site will be updated with a PayPal button shortly.

Thanks to all who have shown an interest in contributing financially.
we need to get some funds together before we can even start taking about that kind of stuff.
I successfully tested the account by sending $5.00 to it. So, now we have a total of $5.00. Woohoo!
Woot!!! what can we do with $5? i would give some money but parents do not like paying over the internet... i have told them its safe and everything, but sorry would if i could
Good stuff.

It's important to remember this isn't mandatory by any stretch of the imagination. I would also appreciate it if those who do donate don't go around trumpeting the fact that they have either. Those that can't donate will feel horrible if they see a thread fill up with "I donated $XX!!!"

With that being said, any donations will help out greatly. You never know what Council might come up with if we have a healthy fund :).
i dont think that my mom / dad will let me, but if i can i will be glad to help out

^^ ditto sry guys