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I got ddr2 800mhz pc6400 from gskill. cpu-z says im running at 400 mhz. How can I get what I paid for? (800mhz)
Or is the auto settings for my mobo taking care of that?
asus m2n-3 570 ultra w/ amd 64 X2 dual core 5200+ 2.6ghz @ 2.7

How do I get to 2.8 (currently unstable but POSTs) and how do I make the most of my RAM?

I know there is some trial and error involved but where do I start? Is there a simple way to get the results I want? The only thing I've done so far is change the bus speed. If you got time I could use the education. 8)
Yeah it depends on your mobo. Some are very easy to overclock but some are hard and dangerous. If i were you i would check redshifts sites or even go to your motherboards homepage. im sure there is info there on how to overclock.

either way you are gonna have to do some research!!
I have crosair pc6400 and have overclocked it. Manually setting the frequency to 800 mhz in the BIOS and then using cpu-z (a good analausis program) it shows its running at 400mhz. Im not 100% about this but as i understand the 800mhz rating somes from when you are running it in dual channel mode ie two equally matched modules running at 400mhz each?

If this is the case the most stable overclock i have reached with mine is 914mhz, is this right?
i've had bad experiences w/ OC things...but like mentioned by outbreak and redshift...check out the sites and ur mobo's site. I asked the tech guys what they suggested w/ my config and they told me what to do step by step.
I've been reading articles and links and posts from several sites including those. Was able to get 3ghz and easily got to 2.8. So far so good. 34*c mobo 32*c cpu. Gonna stay at 2.8 till I either crash and burn or learn a bit more.
What are you running, CPU and MB? 32 degrees cpu is great if thats an accurate reading. I have a core 2 duo E6600 (2.4ghz) clocked up to 3ghz on water and I get 42 C idling.
[quote1173015852=(Clergy)Father Dowling]
I have a core 2 duo E6600 (2.4ghz) clocked up to 3ghz on water and I get 42 C idling.

Humm that seems like pretty high temperatures to me, i run an E6600 and have it clocked to 3.3Ghz but i idle around 25oC and full load for 10+ hours i only ever reach 39oC tops

I do have alot of fans though lol
If you want to be overclocking your cpu, you will wind up underclocking your ram and ht frequency. My setup is a a64 3200+ 2ghz stock oc'ed to 2.75ghz. my ram is based on 2 sticks>1 gig each both rated at 400mhz but since im running both sticks dual channel and with the underclocking their togeather running at 333mhz. Don't forget the more stress you put on ur cpu and ram you will need to compensate for aswell on the mobo. Dfi mobo's rock jap transistors for life =D
Thanks for the insight people. Should I be worried about changing my ram settings and voltage around.
stock: 5-5-5-15
now: 4-4-4-12 1.95v I think.
Heres a pretty good example :) w00t!

Success! 8)
Thanks! but that was all through bios. Alot of stuff I read only mentioned a few programs that suggested doing it through a program.
I'd be careful about overclocking RAM. You are going to be seeing a 2-3% performance increase from overclocks like that but it's very easy to fry RAM by overclocking.
I hear that. My ram is dual channel ddr2 800mhz. Currnetly set to 667 with a divider of 8 so its at 375.4x2=750.8. I believe its pretty safe. Correct me if im wrong, PLEASE!
Multiplier 13x231=3003/8=375x2=750.

Oh, and if youre talking about the memory timings I'd appreciate any input. Still extremely green in that area.
Yeah. I'd just leave your memory timings alone. It's very easy to fry the RAM and cause huge stability issues mucking with those. It really doesn't do enough to be worth the effort of getting it perfect.
Gotcha Dominion, I'll leave it be. I was considering messing with it further but havent found any info on improving it further. From what I found on this ram, the current timings are safe. (crossing fingers)

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