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I currently have a Raptor M2 gamming mouse. Its a very nice mouse indeed but is maybe a year and a half old and now the software for it doesnt really work 100% properly in vista so I am growing pretty tired of it. As its soon goin to be put into retirement I will have to find an adequate replacement.

After doing a little reading up i have came up with a few possible candidates:

- Razer Microsoft Habu
- Razer Copperhead
- Logitech G5

Do any of you guys know these or have experience using them or even have any other ideas?


* EDIT"* oh and just out of interest i have the G15 keyboard aswell....
I've heard that the Logitech G15 is quite a nice mouse, but I've never used it and I've never even heard of the other one in that list of yours.

TBH I just use a regular wired optical mouse with 3 buttons, but then again, I'm not really a hardcore gamer so...
Ever since I bought my first Razer mouse (a Razer Diamondback) I have been a huge fan. Since then I have bought the Copperhead for my other desktop PC and I love it. It is so sensitive that sometimes when my computer is idle, my screen saver (set to go after 5 minutes) takes 30 minutes to go off because that mouse picks up even the slightest movements.

My advice to you is to check every day because I have seen Razer mice on there on 3 different occasions over the past year. I got my Diamondback from woot for $24.99 and my Copperhead for $39.99, so if you don't mind waiting a little while longer you will get an excellent deal.

(Note: I actually seem to always do better with my Diamondback and I like the shape of it better than the Copperhead, so add it to your list of possible candidates too.)
I have a Razer Copperhead, and absolutly love it. Would never buy anyother mouse. Ever. like 30+ little click sensors on each of the click bottons so you can never miss a shot. (if you have good aim and dont hesitate) But im in love with it, and it has recieved the most awards of any gaming mouse to come to the market at the moment.
yeah, heres some pics of it

[link=hyperlink url][/link]

[link=hyperlink url][/link]

It owns all Mice. And to top it off get a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard, that also owns all

[link=hyperlink url][/link]

then you can pwn like me.
Hehe well i have the G15 keyboard already and just purchased a really nice Razer ExactMat off ebay for really cheap and it is one awsome mousemat!

I was talkin to one of my friends in uinversity and he said he has the copperhead and the diamondback but uses the diamondback as his prefrance so i think i may borrow his copperhead for a little bit to see how it goes :)
I'm rock'n the razor copperhead and love it!! I had some driver issues when I first got it (don't bother w/the included drivers, use the updated one straightaway) but have had no issues lately.

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