harassment over weapons (again)


ok so i was on the donner server today and i had snipe. well 3 ppl decided to harass me b/c i was 10 kills or so down. Hunter, BILLY MAZE, and yes even =eG=BlackHawkSniper. they harassed me for 10-20 min says that i suck, that im not contributing to the team, that we need new snipers, how i didnt kill anyone and yet i had 22 kills. and so on and so forth. and i tryed to get another admin to help me out in this sit w/ not much luck b/c he was on the other team and alot of the talk was team and voice. he did tell them to leaeve me alone once or twice but that didnt really do much.

im just so sick of ppl harassing others just b/c they feel they are intitled to the weapons, and yeah ppl are entitled to their opinion but for 10-20 min on one person just isnt right.

me being an =e= mean i cant do jack but post like i am, i guess im hopeing that everyone that reads this would just think before they speak on our servers and think about how everyone has bad days and how just b/c someone sucks doesnt mean u can harass them till they are so fed up that they want to put their fist through the wall remember we all have been there.

and remember guys once one person starts swearing or harassing other everyone thinks they can join in and soon everyone is doing that, and that is why i joined this server so i dont have to deal w/ all that.
i think that if you ask once or twice politely its ok b/c if the person is willing to get off well they do and i say twice b/c sometime you dont always see the person asking. but thats it no give me.... give me. just plz may i have......
do you remember the admin playing at the time. and was he =(eg)=, or =(eGO)=. b/c i hate it when ppl ask for a weapon, i tell them to go and look for one on the floor like i do when that class is full. And this problem is about to become a bigger issue now. but i still like the idea about have only 2 snipers. Next time this happens ro you Traino, write down the names of the said players, and hopefuly I or the other admins can and will help you with this problem. If i were the admin i would warn, then kick, and if the problem continues, a perma ban. These ppl need to under stand that they are not going to get the sniper rifle or other limited weapons by harassing other players to get that weapon. We are 'A Mature DOD Gaming Clan".
I was the admin but I didn't see no reason to kick or ban them. And it was Huntar not Hunter...with an a.
I told them to play the game and wait for their turn on the sniper class, since it seemed pointless to kick them because of their opinions.
I don't like people bugging others for weapons. Ask a couple of times, if no one hands over a certain weapon, LET IT GO !. Stop begging. I will not tolerate people continually asking, begging, bugging, and complaining about others skill levels to get different weapons. 8)
Just pick up the sniper rifle off the ground...that's what i do, lol....but yea...they shouldn't raise hell over a limited class, but to help avoid conflict...sometimes it's good to give up the limited class
i was in that server when those guys were harassing u. honestly i agree with u b/c when u had it we were doing fine but as soon as u gave in and gave up the sniper they were doing alot worse soo... dont give into that and just mute them if it gets bad like thet again.
to defend myself, I did not personally insult you.

I merely said that in 1 round as sniper, I saw you get two kills with it, and I said I had more knife kills that round then you did sniper kills.

I did not harass you as much as you make it out to be. I was merely stating facts.
Yeah you wernt as bad as the others but once they saw a =eG= agreeing w/ them its just inviting them to continue. And their is no reason why I should get mad over playing a game on a server that is a punk free server b/c some punks are harassing me. That is why I joined =eGO= its basically the greatest server out their b/c of its high standards for everyone including heavily on its clans members.
yea i agree with you.

I don't get harassed for a limiting weapon often, but when i use one and my death ratio goes up and my kill doesn't, people tell me to get off the weapon and let a better person use it. I'm just like wait for me to log off, die or change class, because either i have waited to use the sniper or i still want to use it.

My advice is to tell them to just chill and wait your turn
yeah its so true your deaths go up b/c your paying attention to them rant at you and you cant really get any kills in b/c your getting stressed or your typeing tryiing to put up some sort of defence (telling them to back off and such)
I completely agree with you, Traino. I have noticed this as a problem as well and think a policy needs to be made. Just being a bystander while someone is being harassed really aggravates me. I don't think it is right, and the rules don't allow disrespect, meaning that it is against the current rules anyway. This really needs to be paid attention to and enforced by our admins.
i always look for guns on the floor untill sniper is open and if i get it b4 some who has wanted it i give it up to them
persoanlly, i keep a limited weapon all to myself until i decide to switch classes. If you notify me beforehand i might say sure, let me go X rounds with it more then you can have. I always ask if u get it or not. Or you can switch limited with me, like Rocket for Sniper.

There are a few people who i do give up limited too. These people listed are only those who i know a lot (and i mean alot, no offense to those not on the list)

Kaoz Dude (rocket warrior!!!!)
Vote for Pedro
[quote1172894539=Blazing Heat]
I was the admin but I didn't see no reason to kick or ban them. And it was Huntar not Hunter...with an a.
I told them to play the game and wait for their turn on the sniper class, since it seemed pointless to kick them because of their opinions.
I banned huntar today on an unrealted issue
it happened to me too not long time ago, it irritates me but all i can do is ignore, its first come first server. just tell them ur still using it, doesnt matter if ur not good at it.
Today there were again people wanting a sniper from someone with 50-30 stats at the time. They were wise enough to quit it though.