Anybody into fixin up import cars? if you are.. put your rig up, lets see what you got.

ride - da9 -- 90 integra GS

Mods - Tien 3in SS drops
KYB struts
JDM 1 pc headlights
Amber sidemarkers/bumper
NRG detachable steering wheel
K&N ca

shoes - GS-R rims on toyotires

sound - eh.. not enuff money

soontocome? - ARC air intake box
tanabe catback/exhaust
DC headers

ill put a pix up later*
omg....i use to be all into this...untill i learned that there is no replacement for displacement. i used to have a civic back in the day w/ a nice b18c w/ a type r head, skunk2 & hks internals, w/ a xs engineering turbo kit....but then i got beat by an STi....4wd...and i sold the civic for an STi...now i got beat by a Z06....so guess what car i plan on buying next :)