Clan Rule and Policy Clarification

While on the servers, I have noticed several things that happen that I would like the rules clarified on and I have not been able to find the answers to after reading the forums.
First off, what constitutes foul language? Most things are clear, but with some words/acronyms such as (forgive the language please) wtf, suck, stfu, gay, etc, I am unsure whether they constitute foul language. Secondly, I am often on the servers when there are no admins on. Many times, people begin to act badly (swearing, blatant disrespect, random arguments, stacked teams, etc) and I don't know what to do (unless it is deserving of a ban) to regain some semblance of order on our server. It is very frustrating as these rules where the reasons why I joined this clan in the first place. My question is whether I should leave the situation alone until an admin comes, politely ask people to stop, or just bust out the caps and yell at them. I would really appreciate an answer to these questions, so good luck and go shoot something.
well dude i tend to go w/ if you think the language is foul it most likely is. as for the late night no admins i posted a thread not to long ago about that and well there isnt much you can do i tend to ask them to watch what they are doing, but then you get the whole situation of you not an admin, and you can do anything about it so f u and so on an so forth. but in the long run if they do anything worthy of getting banned get their name and steam ID. and report them.
well i hope that helps
same, when i am able to play late nights i see alot of people dissing each other and swearing at them. They all ask if there's an admin around and i respond that there aren't any on thatr i know of right now.

I don't know how t obtain thier steam ID and will some1 plz tell me if able
check xfire every now and then you can find some late night admins on. the euros are usually on for the early morning shift, at least for the americans its the morning. there are times in the middle of the night that people arent on and the best way to deal with it is to ask politely if things persist out of control go ahead and request a ban for all who are acting up. it is not an immediate solution but can be a long term solution to the problem.
Yeah type sb_status in the console and it shows everyones steam id in the server. copy the ID's and some of the console text of the people that are being disrespectful to you and the server.

then you can post it in the "request bans part of the forums and im sure they can be banned from there.
My rule is if it offends it is wrong. If there is no admn on the server drop your consol and type "status". Get thier syeam ID and post it in the request a ban fourm. I WILL take care of them :)

I do not get upset about "wtf" I do not like the words gay or suck .

I hope this helps.
My rule is if you cant say or do it in front of your grandmother then it shouldnt go on in the server lol.( im really hoping some of your dont have some kinda freaky grandma)
yeah that tends to happen, what usally works is just to tell them to not do it again, if they do, look for an admin xfire, without some admins the non-members tend to get roudy