Worse Riddle I have Ever Came Upon


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I know this is like nothing to do with the clan, (not like the other posts i made had a lot of relations),

but i was just surfing the web and came across the riddle. It is the most *intersting* riddle i have ever tried to solve in my life. The answer is really dumb and i just can't describe it a lot. Just tell me what you guys think of it.

Answer this riddle

It hides in day or DARKNESS
It comes when it shines or RAINS
There can be one or can be ALL
It decides to come and GO
Its life can end or go on and ON
And it will never betray you, NEVER

Think about this riddle, quite easy to solve.

Hint: Honesty and love are key to this being. Get to know with it, and embrace the gift. Go with it underwater or feel a breeze, as it will be your best friend forever. Don't abuse this gift, or it'll mourn you for life.

****** Look at the words i bolded. Take the first letters of each word.
D R A G O N, which spells Dragon

The hint comes from three books, Eragon, Eldest and Dragon Rider. The author ( whose name was posted anonymous on the webpage i found him on) was really bored and decided to make a riddle from books that he liked
Pay close attention to the words in the Riddle. THey have the answers in them. And the answer is just one word.

Post your answer here, and i will tell you guys if any1 took the time to answer this
I dont know. maybe a dog...

My dog hides at night or day,
when i call him he comes rain or shine,
there can be one dog, or all... hmm that really doesnt work...
lol my dog decides to come or go,
and he will never betray me...

so im gonna say a dog
ok heres my riddle

His name starts with D
and ends with ye
1300 people get on and 31 get off
terminal velocity is finally reached
what color is my aunts dog?

hmmm lets see....... oh i think i know, is it ur HEART?, or some other organ, maybe a human?