JohnT's Kid's 1st Birthday Party


EGO Is My Life!
I had almost 50 people in my house. Loads of food that I was not responsible for and a huge amount of drinks I was responsible is the drink tally:

72 Capri Sun's
36 bottles of water
12 cans of 7up
12 cans of Cactus Cooler
24 cans of Diet Coke
2 large bottles of alcohol free Cider
48 bottles of Corona Beer
2 large bottles of White Zin Wine

I put it all into a HUGE ice chest and at the end of the part all that was left was 4 Diet Cokes and 6 beers.

Everything else was gone. I had one huge recycle bin that was filled to the top with cans, bottles, and empty capri sun's this morning.

I was thinking I would be drink rich after the party, but I am drink poor and thirsty :(

My kid had a blast tho. She was running around playing with all the other kids. I doubt that she had any idea that the party was in her honor. She didn't even know what the huge pile of presents was all about and had little interest in them.

She just wanted to play with her little friends !heart
Awww. Tell her that some stranger that you play video games with online says HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ~~~WHOOO~~~

I bet you have a big mess to clean up :)
Awww that so cute, and forgive me for reacting, YOU'RE MARRIED?!? Didn't know that

I hope she had a fun time at her surprise B-day Party ( if it was a surprise)

Did you get queasy after the party btw John?
I spent two days getting the house ready, which is why I haven't gamed too much this weekend. And after two days of house cleaning, my house is an absolute disaster.

It will take a week to get it back into shape :(
Dude my parents left for a 4 day weekend one time and i threw a huge party at my house. we had so much "drinks" we had to empty most of the food out of the fridge. we spent over 140 bucks on drinks alone...

125 people from my high school showed up, and only 450 people go to my high school.

I feel your pain on cleaning after a party john...

and my dad didnt buy me carona for my b day Dave, i said i wish he did lol.