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Commissar Frank

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I go to the 24/7 avalanche server a lot and i have been trying to figure out how to join the clan....
Please help,

Lord Vader O's


Thank you for joining forum Vader. We at eGO are revamping our recruiting system but we are lookling for Mature members to join clan. Please continue to play on the eGO server so we can get to know you somemore.


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Yeah, basically at eGO we are trying to build a gaming community where players KNOW they can come to play a good fair game of DOD. And going along with what brit said there are alot of recruiting changes right now so its a little hectic around here right now. Things should be back to normal in around a week though so just stick with us and everything will get smoothed out. But yeah so back to joining, just keep coming into the server and be mature, abide by ALL server rules, and get to know eG a little better so we understand that you are a mature player.

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Vader, for a Sith Lord you seem pretty cool :p

We were wondering when you would find your way here and make us your home.

Hang in there and we will let you know :)

Commissar Frank

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just so you guys know, i use two different usernames on two different comps....
So my kills and deaths overall may not always be consistent, and you may see them mysteriously drop from one time to the next when i load up DoD.... (I.E.: go from 211 overall kills to like 47 on my other username)

See ya'll soon, and dont tell me the Vader O's cerial tastes bad, cause i know that, and that is why it is the most feared cerial in the galaxy!
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