useful info if you have a compusa in the area

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CompUSA is closing 100 stores nationwide, bummer for everybody, but it does come with benefits:

if you're in the area of a closing one, expect huge discounts. allready the one in my area has 10 to 20% off EVERYTHING. in a week or so, it will drop even more, so take advantage of this if you can, i know i'm gonna.
thanks man maybe i can get a new graphics card so i can finaly play oblivion !lol

i hear that. i'm running off of 3/4 a gig of ram and a 128mb video card..
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dang.. i was just gonna get hired there too...

lol stinks to be you lol jk
Over here in Long Beach CA on PCH and 2nd st. Mobos and Processors are 50% off. Zalman vga and cpu coolers 50% off as well as psu.

Took all the strength I had not to buy every component needed for a new pc. To date:
3 80mm fans blue led $5 each
2 120mm fans blue led 10 each
2 ide uv rounded cables blue 18" and 36" $6 and $11
1 rounded 6" floppy cable blue$1.50
g15 keyboard $69
sound blaster x fi xtremegamer $50
plantronics headset $15
6 belkin velcro cable ties $3
Zalman VGA 900 and CPU 9500 coolers $25 and $35
40 cd case $4

and today almost picked up a Samsung 19" lcd for $143... floor model (passed on it) and some one else took it as I walked away. Would have taken a 19" widescreen viewsonic but it had a scratch...

Hope you find one near you. The discounts seem to increase every week depending on how close the store is to actually closing. Going back tomorrow to shop around for friends.