Jessica Alba vs. Lindsay Lohan

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Ok this got started over in the celebrity crush section where Bullet said that Lindsay Lohan was hotter then Jessica Alba while numerous other of us said that Alba was hotter so this my friends is a vote. To decide which one is hotter, Alba or Lohan. Below are the pictures that have been chosen to represent each person. (Feel free to search for other before making your decision)

Jessica Alba:


Lindsay Lohan

So let us know who YOU think is hotter. Let the voting begin...
How can you fight over something so trivial, just thank the heavens for gracing us with such females. !amazed
lol we arent and waffle do not fight....we are bff....this is just a small debate lol and no problem :) ;)
I'm just saying, why force everyone to choose one when you've been graced with both? That's where these kinds of questions go wrong.

If you haven't noticed, I vote Alba.
And even if the picture of Lohan that Waffle has posted is representing her, I still think Alba is much better looking in every aspect. If we were going on Lohan as she is currently, then there wouldnt even be a thread like this. Someone give her a cracker or something...she's like 60 pounds.
You gotta be kidding? I voted in the other one. Now don't get me wrong Lindsay Lohan ain't a bad looking girl but she's such a slooty looking 19 year old tramp. I'm not into the sluttly I'm a bad girl look. I personally would prefer to make it to 30 without contracting an STD. Come on gents; those freckles aren't really freckles. Their a cover up for her real disorder (besides being a ginger kid)... AIDS!!! She has full blown aids and she's got fake freckles to cover up those weird rashes you get.

Alba all the way. Just so everyone knows, Jessica Alba ain't perfect. I know someone who has had personal contact with her and said she's a real bi###. Either way she's way more beautiful.
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