ok peaple please don't spam our fourms as it uses up important bandwidth and every time we use our allocated bandwidth the site goes down :( and then no one can view our site

so please keep the posts to actual things/problems/funny stuff and then baney will be a happy hippo :)


btw if anyone puts spam to this thread i will personal c that u are banned :)

have a nice day
sorry :(


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Yeah guys, we all do it. Like banes 2nd post, he could have edited it in his 1st. But anyhow, we get kinda careless with these kind of things and like bane said, it does take up bandwidth and then the server goes down. Nice thread bane, i say make it a sticky



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yeah i know i did this... i now see that it was really stupid of me to do such a thing :( ... i'm sorry... forgive me?


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but yeah i am really sorry just so you all know...


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I lifted the suspend on bandwidth violation a while ago. No worries there.


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So... Spam wars are on? Noyade will have our heads.
spam ,can,man


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i'm in :)