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Well, which is better overall to use. The Garand has no drawback shooting (can shoot right after each shot) but has to reload after 8 shots i believe. It has a better scope but takes 2 non-head shot hits to kill most of the time. The Kar98 has a horrible scope IMO but has a potential 1-hit kill. It can reload anytime, but has to wait after each shot. So if i wanted to pick a rifleman (mostly for the nades) and i found the other weapon on the ground. I don't know if i should switch from garand to Kar or vice-versa. Can some1 give me thier consents on which gun is actually better overall.
Kar98 is way better then the garand by far, and i think the iron sights on the kar98 are good, the garand iron sights are too forgien too me, probably jsut cause i only use the kar98. I cant really give u adive on how to shoot the kar98 because i dont even no how to, i jsut do, and get bullshit kills. im lucky like that, but if u ever find a garand on the ground dont pick it up. when ever you shoot w/ the kar u always strafe out the of way even if you hit the target, to give you a change to reload.
well, matters on the situation for me. if i'm trying to raid thru the apartments and get a decent sniping spot, i'll go with the garand so i know i can take more than one shot if needed. otherwise, it's the Kar all the way. i'm bummed they took out the other kar in the game.. i miss that gun.
The kar is way more accurate and is just overall a pimp daddy. The garand i think is more like a litte BB gun that gives you a little nic
Hmmm only one person chose the Garand...you had to run the Unanimous vote. I'll pick up a K98 off a dead body anyway over the Garand. Just never really been a fan of the Garand
To be honest, I would go for neither. I mush prefer the Springfield (Allied Sniper for those who don't know) because the crosshair is mush smaller, meaning I can snipe from further distances without the crosshair blocking my FOV. I still voted for the Kar 98 because it is the definitive better choice, it is more accurate with and without the iron sight, and is more or less a one-shot-kill policy.
I'm too old to use rifles, but if I was going to use one, it would be the Garand. Simply cause it is closer to an automatic!
The only thing I have any actual skill with would be the KAR98 unless I'm just having a bad run/day.

I cannot comprehend the garand; I can't get over the fact that I must shoot more than once to kill my enemy.

Anyone that has played with me knows, as I'm usually always German and I complain if I have to be American.

Unless I've been drinking. Then it's time for the Thompson.
garand is by far superior to the kar. once you learn how to use the garand (which most people dont) you will become a huge fan of it.
if you are good with the garand the kar comes easy. so if you want to get good at rifle go with the garand to start. it might be frustrating at first but will get better quickly.
what i do is move from side to side while prone with the kar. if you're in iron sights, the sight disappears when you're moving while prone. if you move left and right really fast, you don't really see it, but just enough so you know where to shoot it.

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