This guy should be arrested. (funny)


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lol click this link. this is awesome, a guy goes around into shops and such making people think he is going to rob them. And sees how many people he can get to get on the ground! yay! sounds fun!

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LOL thats pretty funny. that guy is pretty crazy. I thought it would be illegal but who knows. i guess he never says "get down or i will shoot!"
haha, that guy has others like stealing police hats, and kicking the electronic devices on clothes though the secruity bars to set them off and then running haha.
Guy scares the bejesus out of people on the street.
He approaches them and exclaims: This is a robbery! as he pulls out a newspaper and proceeds to talk about the high gasoline prices, "this is a robbery, look at these prices".
People's reactions are hilarious, this is South America where getting mugged on the street is a very real possibility.

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Wow, think is sumone had like a knife on them.....THIS IS A ROBBERY! *stab stab stab stab stab* *poke poke*

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