My depature/recall


EGO Is My Life!
Yes, I am very sorry to say that I will not be an eGo anymore. My former clan of many years, HT has decided that they will finally expand into DoDs and Homer himself, the founder of HT has asked that I be "recalled" back to Ht to help him with this. It was fun playing with you guys for the time and Ill keep coming back and forth to your servers. They are some of the best run servers I have EVER seen for ANY game. I am going to try and use what I learned here and apply it else where.

Thanks, Blackhawksniper

p.s. Wolen, you DONT have to pay to join HT. I talked to Homer, the founder and the other top 5 ranking members of HT so please stop argueing with me.

Hopefully this is not goodbye, its just a changing of tags.

Frag ya later !shy
are you gonna still post and visit every now and then?

You better
You CAN wear our the other tag at the end of your name when in our servers. It's an option. Let us know if you'll do that, otherwise we will regretfully drop your admin and access to this forum.
Artimus, is alright if I switch my tags to the back when I join then?

I already lost my admin and forum access from my long inactivty because of tech troubles :( but if thats allowed, then ill gladly do it.
It's on option. Answer this honestly: How often do you anticipate playing on eGO servers?
we will be sure to trip on your server soon. you can be the middle man to help us coordinate that. well i will talk to you later bro its been good havin you part of the clan!

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