Lake Peigneur (disappearing lake)


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Remember this when your out on a boat fishing. %-6

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noxus, i think it's a lot more actually. The main thing I take away from this is that those drillers are idiots. How could they not think to check where that mine extends to underground. So dumb.
That reminds me.... we've got a stopped up toilet that needs tending to.
Hahaha Art, you're ridiculous (but in a good way :)). This reminds me, has anyone seen the Mythbusters episode about whirlpools? I think this proves that episode wrong. They found that a boat couldn't be towed under by a whirlpool but this thing definitely sucked those barges down. Later everyone!
WOW. thers no way this is real. but it was on the history channel so....................... %-6 and this was in louisiana. i wonder wer that lake is.