[poll] Thompson or MP40 (Mp50 i think it could be called)


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I know i posted posts like these, but i would like to keep a tally on the better weapons

Anyways, which is a better submachine gun to utilize with. I always switch to the other gun just becuz its a lot of fun. Some of u may know that i freak you out with it, (like Bigbird and Baktus saw me did), but i do it to see how good your refelxes are. Anyways, i think the MP40(or50) has better accracy, and the Thompson just has more power. But i need to know which is the better gun
I dont really see a difference between the two, but i guess if i ever need a gun and see both a thompson and mp40, im still going for the thomson
hmm, yes the tommy gun probably has a slight edge. Why should it be called the 50? MP40, 40 is the year is was first produced, i believe. Machine Pistol 1940.
i cant tell a difference in the two. they are supposed to be identical in the game as far as accuracy and power. if i were to pick one up its going to be of my enemy.
tommy gun I think has a slightly larger clip, or maybe it is just my imagination, but I do think that when I am using the MP40 and start shooting another person with a tommy at the same time, I think I always lose.
i unno i think there both pretty good but i prefer a good old fashion american made gun over a german gun. plaus tommy has a faster rate of fire and it is much more powerful