My god this is frustrating...

I've tried to upload my infamous WAKKA avatar, but no matter how I try to resize the image, the site won't accept it. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
It rejected mine too, and I'm positive that it's withing the pixel size limit. Maybe there's an additional file size limit as well, but mine is only 6k, so I can't imagine why that would be too big.
[quote1173789726=Blazing Heat]
What type is your avatar? All sites don't accept all types...I use png's myself.

Yup Yup
[quote1173839773=WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA!!!]
Yes! The Fozzie Bear! :)

resize it on imageshack.us
to the lowest resize setting, it worked for me
I've tried Image Shack, I've tried resizing it, I've tried hosting it on my website, I can't get it to show up. It's incredibly frustrating because the page won't even confirm if it worked or not.

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