Awsome Video Card

em a really good card is the nvidia gforce 7900 gs, cheap at arround £110 and very overclockable

another great card is the radeon X1900GT at a similar, if not cheaper price, and is possibly even a better card.

my 2 cents.....
i have an nvidea geforce fx5200 i think... i dont think thats as good as the 7500 or w.e but it was only like 30 bucks i think on and it works pretty good i get like 50 fps. im sure other people get way more though. In counter strike it gets up to 100
well according to the exchange rate is 1 USD to 1.9 GBP so almost $1=£2

Yea as mentioned the GTX version of the 7900 etc are better but if ur goin on a budget i must say the GS is excelent value for money. I would also not reccoment spending a huge ammount on a gfx card at the minute because after all direct x 10 is here with the nvidia gforce 8XXX series so when they come down in price it would probably make sense to upgrade to one of them, again only my opinion though and i certainly dont know it all! lol
Vicious, Holy Crap dude! Thats 1337 Video Card! too bad my computer power and settings are too crappy, and I need AGP :p
I just spoke with with newegg and they just sent me a RMA for my card. I told them I wanted a new unused one to sell so I could get the xtx and they said it was fine. Sorry snag, this card IS pretty sweet. AGP wise I have a XFX 6800 GT. That was the best AGP card I ever had and kept. Went to like the 7900 agp and the difference was not very substantial so I returned it and just invested in a whole new pc all together.

Here is some detail on the XFX 6800gt agp.
Runs fine on a 300w psu