hey does anyone else here have a myspace


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i thought it would be cool to know who we are playing with and then ill make a group on myspace. if you do just post your name and myspace url and ill invite you to the group

im out
Excuse me for using these words but...

Myspace is like drugs, you smoke it and you can't stop. Like myspace, once you created one, you will constantly check it every now and then

(well, i mean it is hard to not get addicted to it, like Starbucks, so addicting %-6 %-6 %-6
myspace is for emo kids

i guess my brother is an emo !amazed
i have one and myspace isnt for emo kids and you are right i can be addicting i mainly just use it to talk to all my friends that that dont have cell phones so its more like email for me
trust me im not emo and i have 1. i know, at first i said myspace is stupid and ill never do it. now ive had 1 since mid-october and i check at least 3 times a day. but i dont stay on and socialize or anything like that. but anyway mine is [link=hyperlink url]http://myspace.com/ledzep3550[/link] . o and by the way i think i remember seeing a topic with alot of myspce names a little while back so i guess you can look that up.
hahahaa yall are addicted i have a myspace i check it about evry 2 months
no, it is a wast of time!


agreed. Myspace is just to show off your personal profiles which i am too afirad to do
You will like it until some freak stalker gets ahold of your profile and starts harassing you. Myspace is a very bad place. I had it for about 2 months at college then I got rid of it since I now know about all the stories brought on by Myspace
i have a myspace but cant fully use it since they havent got me my verification email and customer service is horrible no response from them from my email

mostly i got it so i can talk to my g/f but yeah cant really send msgs with out getting that email...