CAn't connect to either server


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It won't let me connect to either AVA or Donner Server
It says it is out of date and the last time i played was Jan 18

I was like, OMG, i was just on Donner and AVA yesterday, so i sent a bug fixer to Steam. I hope i can be on again soon.

If this persist, i don't know wha tto do
We are working on it. Currently the HLDSupdateTool plugin is not working.

Servers will be up asap. Everyone start chanting for Deacon! He is the key maker. %-6
Sorry dude but earlier today there alot of trouble children on the AVA server before it crashed. Right after i kicked someone for being a pain, you loudly babbled something ????? for about 5-10 seconds so i gave you a 30 minute ban. I do not know if you were goofing around or what but thats what happened.

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