Movies & TV: Talladega Nights

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Hey guys, I saw today that Talladega Nights was number 1 on the box offiice and I was wondering if anyone saw it? I am thinking about going to see it but not sure if i should spend the money. Anyone have an opinion ?
Will Farrell is the funniest man on planet Earth, besides Conan O'Brien. It looks great, and my friend (movie critic in the making who usually sais every movie is terrible) saw it and said it was fantastic.
Saw some trailers of it, but it's not on Finland dunno about seeing it. Ferrel is funny, but I think not the best comedian...I like Carrey, Carell a bit better.
I don't know if im gonna go see it, it looked pretty good on the trailers so I might. It all depends on how bored I get and if I have any money or not :D
Hey bullet i saw that movie today to for my bday it was real funny
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