School and work...


Hey all, I was justing letting all of you know that I have a full time job (morning) and part time school (evenings) and because of that my folks won't let me play mondays -thursdays...unless I do not have school during that time. But when I do not have school I usually get on Dod:S and play on the EG servers. I was just wanted to let you guys know, just in case you guys think I'm not interested in joining the clan, because I am, lol. !lol
lucky i have 1 mor full quarter left (9 weeks). i have exams this week too. the funny thing is that the rest of america usualy has semesterly exams and 10 point grading scales. but new orleans has to be special and has to hav a dif grading scales and quarterly exams. but enough of me babbling, like jman said life first, the alot of video games :D

edit: i meant to say "then alot of video games" just in case ther was a misinterpretation. :D

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