[poll] K98 Sniper or Springfield?


Almost everyone loves to use the sniper...So tell me which one is the fav.? I love the K98 sniper, not sure why but i love it, but i do a lot of my no scopes with the Springfield. ^^
I like the Springfield simply because of the crosshair. Apart from that, there is no different in rat of fire, accuracy and damage between the snipers (AFAIK).
doesn't one of them have one more bullet before a reload?

im not sure but i dont think so. Im pretty sure there both equal
both have 5 shots per clip. the only noticeable differences are the sound, color, and scope. both are identical in any other way.
guys i think we should all just stop with the polls with the weapons and what not you could just look up the sever stats this is like the 30th post about weapons
I'm not going to vote because I don't know the name which is which.. I will tell you though that I perfer the American. Better sound better scope.
I find that its easier to have peripheral vision with the springfield. the scope for the k98 tends to block out a small portion of the small circle, enough of a space for a sniper to pop out and get you. (I know this from experience x) .)