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everyone else is doing it so i had to. I ve yet to see this one done yet so i took the liberty and filled it out myself. :p
I don't care either way, they are both good and all and great for when I run out of ammo w/ my other gun, easy headshots
good to know but i find each has qualities that the other doesnt... for instance the colt has a samaller clip but more power. the german one has a larger clip by 2 bullets but i find is much weaker
Never knew that, but really didn't look into it, dont use them that often, what do you like better?
its the same damage either way but the german one has one more bullet in its clip but the colt is just cooler in all catagories and it just is american so i like it lol
Guys i think we should all just stop with the polls with the weapons and what not you could just look up the sever stats
is ok i have no controll but im just not gonna do it cuz you can just look up the stats but its ok i have no controll over you out of game jk :)
the colt because it comes with the springfield :D . you dont need to many bullets to be able to take out the other guy nd it has almost machine-gun capabilities.
lol yeah i know i'm everywhere.... lol jk

lol only when ur online otherwise ur hard to find
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i dont think it has machine gun capabilities but i will agree it has a fast rate of fire.

here lol

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