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Well I was jsut wundering when we are going to start going head to head with other Clans bc i see them on are server always offering matches to go 3 on 3 or 4 on 4,So i was just wundering when thats ganna start or is it that we still need more practice or we need more members or both?
You guys will erradicate any other f00l clan that challenges you. Especially if I were there lol :p
We should start accepting and making challenges. Between waffle, brit, a couple others and myself we could field quite an awesome 5 man team.
Yeah, we should have some more wars...not too often though. I was supposed to be on the war we had awhile back against IGO...but it's was 01.00 my timezone is diff from our clan.
This clan is more of a community. A group of players that get togeather to have fun and play some DoD. It is also a place for other player to learn a little maturity online, because you have to be mature if you want to be in eG. But I wouldn't mid scrimming a little bit, we do have alot of awsome players in this clan, so yeah I would have to say that we should put togeather a couple scrim teams just incase we want to start scrimming a little ^_^
Ya hopefuly soon we will start scrimming here and there,Also i would like to see that we get some teams set up like waffle said lol
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