[poll] Army/Marines/Navy/Airforce

ok im highly thinking about joining the millatary but idk witch one yet give me a year to talk to ppl and find out and il get back to ya ;)
marines woot woot, semper fi!, the marines are the first ones in, and they get the job done!
crash its not Phi. lol. its FI. latin translation - always faithful

but here's my opinion.

If you are going to jpin any branch of the military.. MAKE SURE you do your RESEARCH and know what you are getting into, KNOW what each branch has to offer and what the different SIGNING BONUSES are.

Being a MIDSHIPMAN at Berkeley, i lean more towards the Navy.
First off.. the Navy owns the Marines, they are a department of the Navy. Second.. if you want to fly, FLY NAVY! Not only do we have more aircrafts than the Airfarse, but we land jets on moving ships no bigger than a couple football fields.. and at night too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHosTQz34eE
and just imagine taking off from 0-200mph in 2 seconds!
Army.. who cares about army? what infected ice said, Aint Ready for Marines Yet. again, we own the Marines. and plus we have Navy Seals! the best of the best of Special Operations units in any branch. and for you Duggles, the Navy has a great Corpsman program. Save ppl in and out of the field!

if anybody has any questions about the Navy, or any other branch at that.. feel free to ask me. and im sure that the other prior enlisted or officers in our clan could help you out!

Go Navy, beat Army!

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