[poll] More melee options???


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Does any1 think there should be more melee options then just punching,shoveling, and knifing. I know we are set with what we have.

But i WOULD LOVE to smack somebody in the face with a bazooka or a panzersherck. Cmon, it gotta hurt getting smaked with it. Or getting whacked with a pistol. Well, i think it won't be a good idea, but i want to see if u guys agree or disagree with me
wait so does that mean you can use the rocket and bash them with it like with a knife or shovel?

i do realize it might explode when you hit them or you could just throw it at them
Are we gong to have a poll on every facet of DoDS?

Anyway, I would like the rifles to have a bayonet or a stock hit again, I always liked sprinting into peoples' heads and then smacking them.

Yes, I am cruel.
Oh dude, a "rocket smack" would be so freaking awesome.

Personally I think a great Melee option would be the option to sneak up behind a guy and put a grenade in his back pocket.
once again i still think we should STOP with the polls i think everyone can just look up the stats! (and i said shovel :) )