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EGO Is My Life!
Okay I do realize my ping is 250 - 350 :O but it starts to get real annoying real fast when start yelling at me saying that i lag up the server or tell me to leave or tell the admins to kick him cause hes lagging, i dont lag unless my comp acts up, but truth im stuck on a "lightening fast " 56K modem and its no one in clan its people that aren't regulars plus i thank slayer i think (dont remember for sure) for telling some one not to harass me about my ping plus this is one of 10 or 20 servers in the US (alot of servers in france but too laggy and not english) that i can play that have great admins and player

i 'member way back when the topic of getting a new server and getting a 66 or 100 tic server and if that ever happened well i dont know what id do for dod source i mean i could go back to dod but its not the same with out eGO and nice graphics

thank you eGO for not having a 100 or 66 tic server
thank you everyone in clan for understanding my dilema
and btw T1 to be in by fall :) but ill believe when i see it

I've been here 2 months w00t go eGO
sry had to post this some where and didnt want to spam
If anyone gives you hassle, let the admins know, in case they miss it. The server is set to autokick anyone at the 450 ping mark.
man my ping is always bout 120,and i have no prob running the game . if peaple pester you bout ur ping would be to ignore them. it just shows that they are not tecncly minded and know nothing about the subject in hand
as bad as this may sound my ping usually sits at abou 55 0r 60 and i still lag sometimes and thats annoying but i dont know why it happens
ok i dont remember haveing 56k modem but i do remember how happy i was to get cable and how mad i was when i went down to dsl. but its not a big deal if your ping is high. no one should be giveing problems on the servers theirs no point the only one that should give you problems is the server after u hit thats golden 450 they u get auto kicked. so if your haveing problems talk to an admin they should be able to help ya ;)
Ping is usually not a symptom of a "bad" connection. Instead, it typically indicates a less-than-optimal route from your machine to the server. Maybe your phone line is noisy (try putting a filter on it). You could also try using a different dial-up ISP who may have a better route (fewer hops) to the EGO server.
Lol, my ping is always from 170 to 420 or so :) Heh he, never been autokicked though. My reason is still living in Finland. Still, sometimes when my ping is at it's lowest...120 something...I lag, but in 300 or so I sometimes don't.
Yuor ping doesnt effect anyone else playing, so why does it matter? only thing i get annoyed with is tryin to kill somone with a high ping, they jolt around and is alot harder to snipe lol
I only notice a problem when there are a LOT of people with high pings and as DyeMatrix said....then they jump all over the screen and I can't shoot them :(
yeah i know but i dont lag enough to do that unless my comp acts up then i hit the case and its fine but yeah ill keep it in mind to either 'member the names or ignore them
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