[poll] 300 Spartans

Actually, it's a re-make. Most of you weren't even born when the original "The 300 Spartans" came out, and it was my all-time favorite childhood movie (I saw it more than 10 times) because I liked the "Our arrows will block out the sun" exchange. It was a typical 60's epic movie with thousands of real people filling in as extras.

As far as historical accuracy is concerned, neither movie is what I would call even close to what actually happened, but then again, you should go to the movies expecting to see historical accuracy - let's face it, real history is almost always boring in a Hollywood film unless you add a completely fictional back-story to convince the audience to care about the characters and to establish who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

I've got the original movie on DVD, and when 300 is released, I'll get that one, too. (I don't go to movie theaters any more.)
Yeah, it was friggin awesome! its kinda like a porn though...so if you are with your gf..like i was...kinda akward lol
IMAX baby.. Dude there was this one scene were...... And there was this other were is was like BOOM. and crash.
lol snag u didnt know it was based on a real story. yea that was the battle of thermopolye where basicaly greece had to find a way to slow down the persian empire so they can form their army and there happened to be a group of 300 spartans at an putpost and they were brave enough to hold off like hundreds of persians. man i love history class :D.
Yeah, it was friggin awesome! its kinda like a porn though...so if you are with your gf..like i was...kinda akward lol

lol Dye ur funny
yah i dyes right i saw it with some guys and gals from my school and it got akward at those parts in the beginning but after those early minutes the next 1 1/2 is fighting,yelling,blood, and the good old decapitations. but because of making my girlfriend and her friends watch it i have to go see some chick-flick next weekend.
if you havnt seen it go watch it
LOL yeah a whole bunch of people said the sex scene was real akward... lol! they should forewarn u before u go lol. DO NOT COME WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND UNLESS SHES WILD!
outlaw i wanna see the original one too now cause i havent seen the new one yet but now i wanna see both so im gunna have to look it up. thx 4 tellin me
Anyone watch the HBO series ROME? They stick as close as possible to history and it is amazing!

One of the issues with the 300 was all the Hoplites wore breastplate armour in battle. Also, they had much longer skirts.