Any Thespians?

My general reaction to just about all of the "any (insert hobby here) in this clan?" posts was, "nope not me" so I decided to see if I could make everyone else feel the same. So, my question is, any of you great people into theater(acting or teching or watching) ? what about Shakespeare?

begin the theater bashing!
im a techie so i build sets and work behind the scens. i could never go up on stage and act ( i wouldnt be able to remember my lines) lol
actually, Outbreak, Shakespeare was an actor before he wrote plays... yes Traino, I am a Tech I don't act, I do lighting mostly, but some set work too.
see shakespeare right in my sig, but i dont remember the whole quote, i know its from "Hamlet" though
shakesphere's language is not grammaticaly correct to our standards now-a-days so it really hard to read out loud

reading Julius Caesar is like getting 50 headshots in a row...impossible :p
hey another techie (cheese) yeah i never did much lighting i just built sets and was basically the maniger of the building b/c no one know how to build :p

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