The game last night


Did any of you see that suns/mavs game last night? It was by far the best Pheonix suns game I have ever witnessed. Poor old dirk lost his team another one. !lol :D :)
I grew up in Phoenix, loving the Suns. I don't get to follow them anymore, eGO gets all my free time :) . What about the Suns' super high scoring game a few months ago? What was it, double/triple overtime?
On the topic of basketball! Go me perfect bracket so far... by the michigan state game has a chance of messing me up.
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ugh basketball is boring, back and fourth, back and fourth...
eww buckeyes....i wish michigan actually had a decent basketball team sometimes but i guess ill just have to root for MSU even though i dont like them that much i dont really care for OSU