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So yeah, lately there has been lot of talk about installing skins, and I got an idea from Wolen *all hail Wolen* who wanted to make skins himself, and I got excited. So I have now made 2 skins, one for stick (is real bad looking) and one for mp40 (golden one) Going to go test it right now.
There are four programs you need and here is a link to a tutorial which has the links to the 4 needed programs. I use PSP X though, not Adobe:
So, have fun making your own skins and hope they work, if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
yeah i tried doing a simple mod on a colt and it didnt work, need to do some research...

i find the skin files to be very confusing %-6

Just look at what a simple colt pistol looks like...


a little overwhelming...
It is, I tried to edit a mp40 and it looks cool, but doesn't work :( Maybe something needs to be done with irvanview...dunno. I used the stick too...but it can't be done, because when I tried to save it, there is no stick folder visible :)
yeah those look pretty cool. it could be easy to edit the skins with just a simple filter effect with photoshop. I dont know, if i make anything cool i will tell you!
Ok, now the bazooka works too, but the hands make my hands and sleeves purple with black squares, maybe Wolen can help with that tomorrow.
Alright, all of the skins work now, except helmet because of my downloaded snow skin, got to fix it. Here are the in game pictures of the new ones and slightly edited versions, still will work on them all and doing new ones like: spade, body for axis, sniper for allied, thompson and bar,etc.
Also got a tiny problem, since I made the hand skin, also allied use it...which is creepy :((