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I am using a wireless connection and I don't know why but during the connection period to a server it just randomly disconnects(no problem after joining never disconnected)

The reason that I'm writing here is when it disconnects I am trying to join over and over again so=> in the game play it is showing "=(e)=[RoM]Slayer [Turkiye] joined the game like 1351353 times. I am sorry about the situation and I apologize from all the =(eGO)= server players...
yea i was wondering too...i was like ???? what the why is he trying to connect so many times and how does he do it lol hope you get it working right
after the problem happened yesterday(people knows about it no big deal so no names) I decided that i'm not gonna try to connect more than 3 times at a row because the it doesn't have anything like try 6 times 7th one will join just by luck again I'm sorry about the problem
i am also using wireless but do not encouter that problem. The problem i do get is every once and a while it will get a brain cramp and my ping will shoot up wildly--i will suffer huge lag- then after a min. or 2 comes back down and all is good.

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