My Dear Mom....


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Today my mom was fired for no reason what so ever ~:( . someone took over her work and said no one will get fired.... we have it in writing and will sue ~:( . people are stupid ~:( ... well some... so what i'm saying is go easy on me please :) thanks
I've seen this type of thing happen before a number of times. It is extremely good that you have it in writing, since it will be a little easier to sue. Best of luck Jman.
my dad got fired a few years back... it was a case of shooting the messenger i guess. after that money has been tight around my household. so i know what its like for a parent to get laid off.
go after them and milk them for everything their worth ~:(

lol i still laugh at your sig lol :D
this has neever happened to me cause i cant start working until this summer cause im too young and noone will hire me but hopefully that doesnt happen once i start. i start in june
Who replaced her, maybe we can do something about that......jk but i hope u get a lot of moneys, and then give me some, wait, NO! punch the guy in the face!, wait then you'll get sued, hmmm, Take everything they got! yeah that will work
hope everything turns out well for your mom and your family man i suport you and know how it feels to have a parent laid off as well....stupid GM