any race drivers?


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was wondering if there was any race car drivers/ crew members in this shindig of a clan my last clan was just fan of nascar since they were a southern based clan but ive been racing about ten years now on dirt tracks around the state of PA.


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yeah i got a couple hotwheels jk :)
Hey Turbon, I've done some Karting, and was very into F1 for many years. Not too much of a NASCAR fan, though Montoya is there now. I had every F1 race since mid-93 on tape, but gave them up during a move..too many!! LOL F1 starts this weekend!!!!! I think that Kimi's got to make it happen this year, if he is to win the World Championship, but this could be a tough year. Ferrari is still a great team, but now that Schumacher is retired, it could be a lot different. Still, I think Ferrari will be the team to beat this year.


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not much of a racing kind of guy, but i like to shoot tires, and hear the pooosssshhhhh, as the tire explodes, and the driver swerves in to the wall, and flys 10 feet in the air, ahhhh good times.

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Hey TURBON, not a racer myself but NASCAR is something I watch more than any other sport. (is NASCAR really a sport ?) Anyway, I was a Rusty fan, with Jeff Gordon a close second. Now Jeff is the MAN. I think this wil be a really good year for him, he's due again. When my son was about 5 years old he he started wathcing NASCAR on tv. Then I did. He could tell you all 43 cars, whob drove each car, their sponser, and the car's #. Most of the Busch cars too. All my friends used to cal him a NASCAR savaunt. LOL Ok glad to talk to ya. 8)
Yeah, especially nascar....sooo boring ( oohh wow! look at dem dag gon cawrs passin ech oder like dat!)
lol, exactly what my friend does whenever the topic comes up :p