March break coming to a close

Infected Ice

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For those of us still in High school or march breaks are coming to an end. ( at least mine is) x) This means i will be on much less due to school and the exams i must study for. i will devote my weekends to eGO now becoause i will not be around hope to see you all out there at some point.

Peace Ice
Well spring break is around the corner for me! woot, but i cant play, leavin right after i get home, wont be back until Sunday
canadian "march break" ends this week and I think american "spring break" for most people starts next week. If not then too bad for you!
i got 3-4 weeks till my springbrak

lol sharpshooter we have only 4 days this week coming up and one week then springbreak 8)
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