coolest paintball gun i have ever seen

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if i had the money i'd buy all of the T9 line paintball guns they looks so awesome

the kids who paintball at my school would be so jealous
Err, they may LOOK cool but but it up against my DM6, or Dark Ego and they will be like trying to see if a shotgun would be better to use to shoot at a tin can 2000yds. away, or a sniper rifle haha

I have used a Armatech or Armortech or sumthing like that, thst is the basically same thing, look tight, but perform like crap
yea thats cool for something like woodsball... but for something like speedball... you'd be screwed...
I went to a HUGE game saturday, and they had like 5 double troubles there. For those of you who don't know what that is, thats two a5's mounted together on a bar. One of them even modified a Browning trigger, the back part of the gun, so that it had the two handles and push to fire button in the middle.

We also had tons of rocket launchers. Ill post some pics when I have some more time.
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