[poll] cake or pie


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im more of a pie man myself


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pie is for JMAN :) even though i must say this is a weird thread, or are you gonna make something for us? :D


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I would choose cake, even though both have Partially Hydrogenated Cotton Seed Oil and/or Soybean Oil which is unhealthy for you.

Plus both have lots of sugar which = a 1-way ticket to apporaching Diabetes Land


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cake all the way!

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cake is good, mmmm choclate cake, and tres leche cake mmmmmm


Has no one heard of apple pie? Its the best thing man has ever tasted. Cake is so filling especially when the icing is pure sugar. Its actually sometimes disgusting to eat. Thats just my opinion anyway.

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Lol, apple pie isn't that good :) But cakes are...unless you eat something wiht pure sugar as icing...never have eaten that kind of.