Formula One 2007

Blazing Heat

EGO Is My Life!
So yeah, the seasons started and in Finland had to wake up at 4am to watch the race xD.
Well, I was happy that Räikkönen won and ferrari seems strong. And incredibly McLaren is very close to Ferrari, but lost by a second in fastest though. I think Hamilton would have deserved 2nd place, it was clear it was a team order, the pit stop I mean....and Alonso said he was behind Hamilton because he didn't want to overheat his engine, when it was clear he was slower. I hope this will be the year or Finn's again after 8 years :)
Kovalainen was a disappointment though....the whole weekend went bad, even Briatore said his debut was very bad and needs to improve in the next 3 weeks.
Super Aguri's seem to have potential this year to get points and improve their best position on drivers,10th.
wow McLaren i love thoes cars :) just wait i will own both the McLaren F1 and the Mersadies McLaren. lol yeah right lol
I own a Ferrari 2001 Formula one a miniature :)
So, any guesses who will win in Malaysia? My guess is on the Ferraris.

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